Model 8525
Product Description: 

The TSI's P-Trak® Ultrafine Particle Counter (UPC) 8525 is an ideal instrument for measuring workplace ultrafine particulate levels, as well as helping eliminate indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. This portable instrument detectss and counts ultrafine particles (smaller than one micrometer) that often accompany or signal the presence of a pollutant that is the root cause of complaints. Using TSI's proven technology, the P-Track gives direct, real-time measurement of workplace ultrafine particulate levels. 

The P-Trak UPC also locates obvious pollutant sources such as boilers, furnaces, and vehicles, and it also detects the not-so-obvious sources such as photocopy machines and printers. Use this instrument to detect the migration of toxic exhaust gases, malfunctioning office equipment, pinhole gasket leaks in boilers and a wide variety of other problems. 

Application Details 
  • Check Office Equipment
  • Clean Room Containment Checks
  • Filter Checks
  • Safety Cabinet and Fume Hood Checks
  • Vehicle Emission Migration
  • Cumbustion Leaks
  • Control Smoking Areas
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Features and Benefits
  • Real-time ultrafine particle counter
  • Solves tough IAQ problems in the workplace
  • Easy to use
  • Data log information