TSI, manufacturer of the only proven quantitative respirator fit testing system, has released their latest advancement in fit test software for the PortaCount Respirator Fit Test System. The PortaCount fit test automatically leads you through a fit test protocol, step-by-step. You can't make a mistake and your fit test results are stored in a database for easy report generation, retrieval and regulatory compliance. The new FitPro+ Fit Test Software has been designed for expanded use and ultimate efficiency in fit testing by incorporating several new features.

Utilizing a single dashboard style interface, FitPro+ Software has the ability to easily test up to four people simultaneously (Models 8030/8038 only) using only one computer. In addition, a comprehensive record tools screen provides for easy access to a variety of database utilities. Now running on an MS Access based database system allows for quicker installation and setup as well as easier database sharing and maintenance. FitPro+ Software expands compatibility for use with Microsoft Windows 8. All new PortaCount instruments will come installed with the new FitPro+ software, and it is readily available as a free upgrade option for existing PortaCount owners of Models 8020/8030/8038 directly from the TSI website.